Rosineer RNR-PV1 Pneumatic Rosin Heat Press For Plant Oil Extraction

Rosineer RNR-PV1 Pneumatic Rosin Heat Press For Plant Oil Extractions



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Rosineer RNR-PV1 automatic rosin extraction press utilizes a combination of heat and high pressure to instantly create a solvent-free oil product that rivals hydrocarbon extractions in aroma, aesthetic, and most importantly, medicinal efficacy. It is simple and safe to use in an ordinary household environment and requires no professional expertise in the field of botanical extractions. The air-operated, pneumatic, heat press offers high pressure (300 psi) pressing and automatic release action, which is also programmable. The two-hand control switches ensures compliance with safety regulations. The top and bottom heating plates are isolated with stainless steel covers to prevent burn injuries. Two sets of controls allow you to set temperature in the range of 0-399 C (0-750F) for both plates separately. The press machine comes with two backup fuses, a user's guide, two screw tools, and AC power cord.

Important notice: Please keep the machine out of children's reach at all times.


  • Temperature range: 0 - 399 °C / 32 - 750 °F
  • Maximum pressure: 1 MPa / 150 psi
  • Heating plate: 3" x 4" / 7.6 x 10.2 cm
  • Power: 700 W
  • Current: 6 A
  • Voltage: 110V-120 V
  • Total Weight: 35.9 lbs / 16.2 kg
  • Packing Size: 13.66" x 23.54" x 12.20" / 34.6 x 59.79 x 30.9cm
  • Warranty: 6 months for controllers; 3 years for other parts.
  • Requirements: Air compressor
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