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Rosineer Premium Filter Bags, 3" x 7", Various Micron Mesh Sizes Available
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Rosineer® Premium Rosin Press Filter Bags are intended for solventless rosin extraction out of dry sift, pollen-like herbal products, and herbal flowers. The reusable pouches are made with the high quality durable, dye-free and solvent-free, resistant to boil nylon thread. Double nylon seam-stitching assures...

36 Microns
72 Microns
90 Microns
120 Microns
Mixed Mesh Sizes

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Rosineer Ultra Fine Nylon Strainer / Sieve / Filter with Press Tool, 500 Mesh / 25 Micron
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Rosineer® Ultra Fine Nylon Strainer is an essential tool to have in any kitchen. It allows you to finely sift / strain liquid ingredients such as such as soy milk, juice, enzymes, honey, wine, pollen etc. The high quality durable, dye-free...