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Rosineer Bamboo Pollen Storage / Sifter Base Tray Box


Rosin pressing tips

Rosineer Bamboo Pollen Storage / Sifter Base Box consists of the lid and the storage chamber with tempered glass catch tray and is held together securely with magnetic pins. The box can be used for storing and working with flower / hash or as a base box for using our sifter frames (75, 175, 275 microns; sold separately). When used together with sifters, just position your sifter frame on top of the storage chamber, add your flower to the sifter, cover with the lid, shake well to separate the pollen / hash from the larger particles and leaves, and collect the sifted material from the glass catch tray. The box can be used with one, two, or three different mesh size sifters at the same time to create various grade hash. The set comes with a credit card magnifying lens, a scraper, and a brush. The magnifying card can also be used to collect the sifted materials.

4" x 6" / 10 x 15 cm
Frame Material Bamboo / Glass
Rosin pressing tips

What is rosin and how it is produced?

Rosin is a concentrated extract of cannabis plant which is produced by applying heat and pressure to the plant parts (usually flowers or hash and kief) to squeeze out a translucent, sappy substance.

What do I need to start making rosin?
You need a rosin press, a parchment paper sheet, a collection tool, and your precursor. Additional items that you may want to use when pressing rosin are filter bags, pre-press molds, non-stick mats, etc.

How do I make rosin?

Prepare your plant material. Make sure it is kept at the optimal 62% humidity.

Place the plant in a folded parchment paper sheet.

Turn on your press machine and set your desired temperature and timer.

When the press plates reach the right temperature, place the parchment paper with your plant material on the bottom plate and operate the machine according.

When done, remove the parchment paper, get rid of the pressed plant parts, and gather rosin using your collection tool.

What are the recommended press settings?
For Cold Pressing: 160°F - 190°F, for 1 to 5 minutes or longer. Cold pressing produces terpene-rich rosin but with a sacrifice in yield.
For Hot Pressing: 190°F - 225°F, for 40 seconds to 3 minutes. The hotter you press, the higher yield you’ll get, but the high temperature causes a drop in rosin quality.
Flowers can be pressed at 190°F - 225°F for 30 - 180 seconds.
Refined precursors such as hash, kief, dry sift are usually pressed at 165°F - 195°F for 60 - 130 seconds.

What filter bags should I use?
We carry three mesh sizes: 25, 100, and 160 microns. 25 micron bags are best used with fine grain materials such as kief, bubble hash, and dry sift. 100 micron bags give the best filtration and highest quality output for flower rosin, but you may see some reduction in yield. 160 micron filters are usually the optimal type of bags for flowers; they result in good yield and quality rosin. For detailed info on filter bags, please see FAQ on How To Select Rosin Filter Bags


Customer Reviews

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Keith W.
Worked Well

This was extremely easy to use and the yield was slightly better than a grind-and-sift. I made about an eighth of sift rosin from an ounce of inexpensive untrimmed flower. Freeze buds overnight and use a marble and some (sanitized) spare change for agitators, and voila almost 6 grams of fairly nice sift.

Though in the long run this was just one more step in the ongoing experiment. Next up, dry ice sifting on some even cheaper untrimmed buds. If I am not content with those results, I would definitely use this box again based on ease of use, simplicity, reliability and overall effectiveness. If the screens hold up well over time and lots of use, then it is hard to see Rosineer's offering as anything other than a win.

Michael L.
Basic but Effective

This a basic kief sifter, practical and well made. The parts fit, the materials are of good quality and it works. It will also give you a good workout as you shake the be’jezzus out it. It’s worth the effort.

Most important is the quality of the company. There were small errors and they made right immediately and without question. That stands for everything, highly recommended!

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Rosineer Bamboo Pollen Storage / Sifter Base Tray Box

Rosineer Bamboo Pollen Storage / Sifter Base Tray Box