Rosineer PRESSO PRO Electric Rosin Press, 2 Ton

Introducing Newest

Electric Powered Rosin Press

Rosineer AUTO Hybrid 4 Ton Rosin Heat Press Machine

AUTO Plug-and-Play Press

4 Ton Machine for Effortless Extraction

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Rosineer Mighty-5 Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press with Pressure Meter Gauge, 5 Ton

Pressure Control

If maintaining precise pressure is a prerogative to you, then using our newest Mighty-5 machine would be the best option. This press is equipped with a pressure gauge that not only displays you live pressure but also shows suggested pressure ranges for the amount of material at hand.

Rosineer GRIP Press

Our manual GRIP 5000+ lb rosin press is for someone who wants to have options of either permanently attach the machine to your work bench or have it assembled with portable legs for table top operations.

Rosineer Presso Manual Rosin Heat Press

Simply the Best

Designed and built for reliable performance and stylish looks, PRESSO is sure to become your favorite appliance.

Rosineer Decarboxylation Capsule & Tool Kit
Out stock

This product is designed to decarb rosin easily with your rosin press machine. It contains one aluminum mini capsule, two BPA-free food grade nonstick silicone lidded containers, four food-grade stainless steel tools great for scraping, sculpturing, scooping, packing, and picking...

Rosineer PRESSO PRO Electrical Rosin Heat Press, 2000 lbs Force
Out stock

Our newest electric Rosineer PRESSO PRO heat press is as easy to use as your regular coffee machine. Just set up your temperature and time on the digital control panel, load your herbs, and push a start button! This 2000 lbs force press is more powerful...

110V for North America
220V for Europe and Australia
Rosineer® Non Stick PTFE Teflon 12-Sheet Pack, 8" x 6"
Out stock

Rosineer® PTFE Teflon Pack contains twelve (12) 8 by 6 inch reusable non-stick, heat resistant (up to 500F), terpene proof that are perfect for baking, food handling, packing, processing, tray lining, solventless extraction, heat transfers, ironing, and more. The sheets are made...

Rosineer Ice Bubble Hash Extraction Filter Bags Set, 5 Mesh Sizes - 5 and 1 Gallon Options Plus Bonus Pressing Screen
Out stock

Rosineer Bubble Hash Filter Bags Set is designed for extracting and separating cannabis resin into different grades while removing dust, contamination, and other plant debris. The set consists of five labeled and color-coded drawstring filter bags of 5 mesh sizes, 25, 73, 120,...

5 Gallon
1 Gallon

About Us

Rosineer is a US engineering company that designs and builds various types of heat presses for solventless extraction industry since 2015. Our presses are affordable, reliable, and easy to operate to accommodate different skill level users.