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Rosineer Wholesale Program is designed for bulk purchasers, frequent buyers, and re-sellers and offers additional levels of discounts and savings depending on the client's wholesale level / tier.

Why choose the program?

  • There are no joining or setup fees;
  • You get 10 to 30 or more percent off our products;
  • The discount is automatically applied at the checkout;
  • Your wholesale discount can be combined with our regular coupon codes.

How do I enroll?

  • First, create an account on our site, if you don't have it already.
  • Then, send an email to indicating your interest in the program and describing your projected purchases at our website (please mention both quantity and frequency). Please include such information as the type of business you have, your website, and the list of our products you are currently interested in.
  • We will review your information and, upon approval, assign you to a certain wholesale tier*.

The next time you log in to your account and browse our website, you will see the assigned discount on product categories pages:

Rosineer Wholesale Program Discounts

on product details pages: 

Rosineer Wholesale Program Discounts

When you place products in your shopping cart, you will see the discounted price in Subtotal section:

Rosineer Wholesale Program Discounts

After you enter your shipping address, you will see the discounted prices and the wholesale tier name on your checkout page:

Rosineer Wholesale Program Discounts

* We periodically review wholesalers' purchase history and upgrade the best performers to the higher tiers increasing their discount level, so the more you buy, the more you save!