Where is this product made? Does it have a warranty?

Rosineer is a US based company. Product design and services in US and assembly in China. Yes, we do have limited warranty on the products. 

What's different RNR-PV1 with RNR-MV1?

RNR-PV1 is pneumatic rosin press. Max pressures is 150psi with stable pressing all the time. RNR-MV1 is manual/handheld rosin press. Max pressure is about 120-180psi depending on how you operate. Both models are simple and safe to use in an ordinary household environment and requires no professional expertise in the field of botanical extractions.

How many tons is the press of RNR-MV1?

To describe "tons" for pressure is not so accurate, since the actual pressure is also decided by the area of press / platen. RNR-MV1 is handheld press. The max pressure is about 120-180 psi, which is much enough to achieve a decent yield (20+%). 

Dose RNR-PV1 need a compressor?

RNR-PV1 need an air compressor. Thanks for your questions! Better to choose 1 Mpa oil-free air compressor. If below 0.6 Mpa, It works but a little bit lower achieving pressure.

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