Where is this product made? Does it have a warranty?

Rosineer is a US-based company with product design, development, and services located in the US and with assembly in China. Yes, our products come with a limited warranty. 

What is the difference between the RNR-PV1 and RNR-MV1 presses?

The RNR-PV1 is a pneumatic press with maximum force of 150 psi and continuous pressing all the time. The RNR-MV1 is a manually operated rosin press with maximum pressure of about 120-180 psi depending on the force applied. Both models are easy and safe to use in an ordinary household environment and require no professional expertise in the field of botanical extractions.

Does the RNR-PV1 need a compressor?

The RNR-PV1 needs an air compressor, which you can obtain at a regular hardware store. It is preferable to use a 1 Mpa oil-free air compressor. Although the press will work with 0.6 or lower Mpa compressor units, its performance may be affected.