Rosineer Rosin Dab Organizer Including 4-Pc Stainless Steel Carving Scraping Tools for Shatter + 3-Pc Silicone Wax Concentrate Containers + 1-Pc Non-Stick Budder Oil Silicone Mat + Bamboo Station

Rosineer Rosin Dab Organizer With 4 Scraping Tools, 3 Jars, 1 Mat, and Bamboo Case



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Rosineer (TM) tool set is a perfect accessory for gathering rosin or oil off parchment paper once you have completed the solvent-less oil extraction. The double-tipped surgical-grade stainless steel tools are ideal for detail work in scraping, sculpturing, dabbing, scooping, and packing. The cross-hatched handles ensure that you have a sturdy grip and the tools will not roll around when set down. The food-grade silicone mat makes rosin collection effortless, allowing you to handle the stickiest extract with zero waste or mess. Three colorful silicone concentrate containers are perfect choice for extract packaging and storage. They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Similar to the mat, the containers are made with BPA-free food-grade silicone and completely safe to use. This amazing tool set will last for a long time and comes with a convenient bamboo carrying case.

  • 2.5", 3.6", 4.2", and 4.8" double-tipped surgical grade stainless steel scrapers / carvers / scoopers / dabbers;
  • Three (3) 5 ml concentrate jars; BPA-free food grade silicone, non-stick, heat resistant up to 480 F, dishwasher safe;
  • One (1) 3 " x 4 " rosin mat; BPA-free food grade silicone, non-stick, heat resistant up to 480 F;
  • One (1) bamboo carrying case;
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product, we will refund your purchase.  


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