Decarbing Hemp Flower


Hemp flower (dried)

Rosineer 2-in-1 infuser. 


    1. Gently break up your flower into small pieces. You can use an herbal grinder for this purpose if you have one.
    2. Open up the infuser and remove the stirrer. You won't use it for this operation.
    3. Place your plant material into the strainer and position it together with the pot inside the infuser. Close the lid. 
    4. Set the infuser to 250 °F for 30 minutes and press Start button when ready. The infuser starts heating and, when the set temperature reached, the countdown is initiated.
    5. After the infuser's countdown ends, open up the lid and remove the strainer with your decarbed flower. 
    6. Let the decarbed hemp to cool down before using or storing.