Making Herbal Infusions


1.1 ounce / 30 gm activated flower
2 1/8 cups / 500 ml olive oil
Our 2-in-1 infuser. 


    1. Gently break up your herbs into small pieces. You can use an herbal grinder if you have one.
    2. Position the strainer together with the stirrer inside the infuser's pot.
    3. Add herbs to the pot and pour 2 cups of olive oil over them. 
    4. Close the infuser making sure the lid locks.
    5. Set your infuser to 165 °F for 120 minutes. 
    6. Press Start/Stop button; the infuser starts heating. When the set temperature is reached, the countdown starts. 
    7. Press Stir button to activate stirring. Feel free to adjust the intensity of stirring by pressing plus or minus buttons. We recommend using gentle stirring, which is not too fast and not too slow. 
    8. When the countdown ends, press Unlock button to open up the cover lid and remove the pot using heat proof gloves.
    9. Lift up the strainer with herbs and allow the remaining oil to drain into the pot. 
    10. Let the infusion cool down before pouring it into a bottle with an airtight lid.
    We suggest to refrigerate the infused oil to preserve freshness.