Rosineer AUTO Quick Start Guide

1. Unpack your machine and position on a sturdy flat table surface.
2. Plug the press into an electrical outlet and flip the On/Off switch to turn on the machine.
3. Press Power button to the front control panel; the panel lights up.
4. Enter your desired press parameters (temperature, time, and temperature scale) using Set, Up, and Down buttons. Please follow the press manual for detailed descriptions and visual guides. Once the parameters are saved, the plates heating starts.
5. Wait until the plates reach the set temperature.
6. Position your precursor in the center of the bottom plate.
7. Push Press button to lower the upper plate and to apply desired pressure. You can gently press and release the button to gradually increase the pressure between the plates.
8. Once the desired pressure is reached, press Timer button to start the countdown.
9. When the countdown ends, the press starts beeping. Press Timer button again to it.
10. Press Release button to open up the plates.
11. Remove your pressed material using tools or heat resistant gloves.
12. Press the next batch or flip the switch to turn the press off by pushing Power button and unplugging it from the outlet. 

Amount Per Load: Up to 15 grams
Recommended Accessories
Pre-Press Mold 2" x 4" Rectangular
3" x 5" Rectangular
Filter Bags 2" x 4" (36, 72, 90, 120 micron or Mixed options)
3" x 5" (36, 72, 90, 120 micron options)
2" x 200" Filter Tube (36, 72, 90, 120 micron mesh options)
Parchment Paper 10" x 7" pre-cut, 50 sheets per set
6" x 8" PTFE sheets, 12 total
Tool set Dabbing & Cleaning Tool Kit
Bamboo Wax Organizer Kit
Cooling Plate 6" x 8" Cooling / Warming Plate