Rosineer Tumbler Quick Start Guide

1. Wash the drum, lid, catch tray and cover with mild dishwashing liquid to remove any residue left from manufacturing process. Dry the parts thoroughly to make sure no moisture is left on the equipment.
2. Fill the drum with plant material. Do not exceed the maximum capacity (140 grams) since overstuffing results in poor pollen yield. Tip: Try adding dry ice to the drum to chill the flower to aid in trichomes dislodging. Experiment with different mesh size screens (sold separately) to catch different pollen grades.
3. Screw on the lid and insert the drum into the tumbler's chamber making sure it rests on the drive shaft.
4. Put on the cover and slide in the catch tray.
5. Plug the tumbler into the electrical outlet. The power indicator turns on.
6. Rotate the timer dial to set the time for your operation.
7. Set desired speed by rotating the variable speed dial. The motor indicator lights up and the drum starts rotating. Tip: Experiment with speed setting to determine what works best for you.
8. Wait until time is up and the tumbler stops rotating. You can stop the tumbler at any time by re-setting either of the dials to zero.
9. Open the cover and remove the drum. Take out the catch tray. 
10. Collect pollen from catch tray and the mesh screens using the enclosed tools.
11. Unplug the unit from the outlet when done sifting and clean all tumbler's parts and tools.




Rosineer PTX Pollen Tumbler: Changing Mesh Screens