Rosineer Infuser Quick Start Guide

1. Remove the pot, strainer and stirrer from the infuser and wash them with mild dishwashing liquid to remove any residue left from manufacturing process. Dry the parts thoroughly and place them back into the infuser.
2. Measure your flower / buds and put them into the strainer. Tip: use dried or cured plant material for decarboxylation and decarbed flower for making an infusion. Do not pack tightly.
3. Measure and pour a solvent of your choice (oils, butter, glycerin) over the herbs in the strainer if making an infusion.
4. Close the lid and plug the unit into a power outlet.
5. Select temperature and time for your operation using the touchscreen buttons on the lid. Please follow the press manual for detailed descriptions and visual guides.
6. Tap Start/Stop button. The infuser starts heating and when the temperature reaches the set parameter, the countdown starts.
7. Tap Stir button to activate stirring inside the pot. You can increase and decrease stirring intensity depending on your need. Tip: While stirring is optional for decarbing, we highly recommend using it when making an infusion.
8. When time countdown ends, beeping starts. End the operation by tapping Start/Stop button, and press Stir button to stop stirring if used.
9. Press Unlock button to open up the lid.
10. Remove the pot together with the strainer from the unit then lift up the strainer from the pot and let the remaining solvent drip into the pot (if making an infusion). 
11. Allow decarbed flower or infusion to cool down before using it further.
12. Unplug the unit from the outlet when done using and let it cool down completely before cleaning and storing.